Tenugui towel from Eirakuya in Kyoto.

33 x 13.5 inches

Tiger tenugui

I am a huge fan of the simple cotton towel-scarves called tenugui. On a trip to Tokyo this past March, I saw that the mounter Maekawa Isamu had put a backing on a tenugui which was on his drying board for mounting. So when I came home I tried mounting a tenugui with a design of a tiger, bought from Eirakuya in Kyoto. The secret to mounting cotton (as opposed to silk) he told me, was to use thicker paste.

I decided to this one very simply, with no surrounding frame, and I tried to make it appear as if the tiger was stepping out onto the bottom roller. The finials are a set of raku-glazed ceramic, one green, one white.